Here are 7 Instagram Tips for how you can work around not having access to the swipe up feature on Instagram. Because, SPOILER ALERT, you do not need 10,000 followers to get your audience easy access to links! These strategies are all tips you can implement without having 10k followers. Thank you Spreadshop for sponsoring this video!

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0:00-0:29 Intro
0:29-0:50 Shoutouts
0:50-2:00 Why you don’t need to have 10k followers
2:00-3:14 Tip #1: Talking about different Link In Bio options
3:14-4:06 Tip #2: How to use story polls to generate link leads
4:06-4:33 Tip #3: Another sneaky way to use your stories
4:33-5:38 Tip #4: How to email your followers a link
5:38-7:35 Sneak peek at my merch shop and this videos’ sponsor!
7:35-8:34 Tip #5 One way to optimize your in-feed posts with leads
8:34-9:19 Tip #6 Let’s talk about sliding into the DM’s
9:19-12:24 Tip #7 How to get the swipe up feature without 10k followers

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