You’re about to see 7 HAND-PICKED YouTube video ideas to make money without showing your face… and yes, they all work in 2020! But not only that, I’m going to show you example channels for each of these 7 YouTube video ideas along with secret ways to monetize them that no one talks about – Enjoy!

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Before starting, I have a playlist with all of my videos that show you how to make money on YouTube without showing your face that you can check out here: – but now, let’s get into the 7 best YouTube video ideas to make money without showing your face.

YouTube Video Idea #1 – Statistics: (Starts at 0:42)
This may sound boring but there’s actually a cool way to do these types of videos. A channel that does this very well is ‘Data is Beautiful.’ He does these bar chart races that are actually super popular. I did a complete video about this topic that you can check out here:

YouTube Video Idea #2 – Meditation: (Starts at 2:32)
I did a video that shows how to do this, as well ( and that video shows you how to make meditation music, step-by-step. But another type of meditation video you could make is guided meditation. I like that since you could create something like a digital audiotape of a guided meditation and because it’s digital… you record it one time, and sell it over and over again.

YouTube Video Idea #3 – Animation: (Starts at 4:04)
This would be higher up on the list if it wasn’t as difficult to create these types of YouTube videos. But there are tons of software out there that make this much easier nowadays, like Adobe’s animation software. Animation channels like the Odd1sOut and Jaiden Animations get hundreds of millions of views and make millions of dollars from their merch store.

YouTube Video Idea #4 – Top 5/Top 10: (Starts at 6:49)
This is one of my favorite types of videos because it’s so simple to do. I’d focus on creating a top 5 YouTube channel that focuses on tech gear, that way you can make a ton of money from amazon affiliate links. Learn more here:

YouTube Video Idea #5 – Health: (Starts at 8:15)
This is something that has endless possibilities because the health industry is the largest on the planet. You could do things like fitness, wellness, diet, weight loss, etc. Natural Cures does this great. The 2 best ways to make money for this one are ClickBank affiliate products and having your own blog. If you’re serious, I suggest using Bluehost as your web host ( and creating a website/blog.

YouTube Video Idea #6 – Finance: (Starts at 11:28)
Finance videos/channels are one of the most profitable niches on YouTube. Their CPM, unlike some of the others on the list, is absolutely CRAZY. But the nice thing is, there are so many awesome finance websites to promote as an affiliate like m1finance, webull, robinhood, acorns, etc. And you could also create a monthly newsletter/membership to send out lists of the stocks you’re watching and charge a monthly fee.

YouTube Video Idea #7 – Make Money: (Starts at 13:42)
This is not only what I do, but it’s the best YouTube video idea. You can literally make the same videos as I do… but without showing your face. And again, the CPMs are crazy with this niche… I have some at $400+ which is absolutely INSANE! Even as a smaller channel, I made over $3,000 this month with ad revenue alone (which is my small income stream)

But the best way to make money in this niche is by creating your own high ticket program, or promoting someone else’s high ticket program, as an affiliate. Which is how I made over $13,000 last month as an affiliate with just ONE program ( and because of the success I’ve had, I started my own program that you can apply to here ( to learn my secrets and get live coaching & mentoring.


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