Wanting to cash in on Etsy Christmas sales with digital products? Here are some digital product ideas you can create and add to your shop now for sales during the holiday season.

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Finding product ideas and keywords to get found on Etsy is hard but so important! With SaleSamurai you are able to discover new ideas, find keywords, and track your competition.

Sale Samurai is an all-in-one tool you can use to grow your Etsy sales.
It allows you to:
– Uncover keywords that shoppers are using to make their purchases
– Brainstorm the next product idea, and much more.
– Learn the real search volume behind the keywords that are leading to sales
– Discover average shipping days, price distribution, and long tail keyword ideas
– Spy on your competition and learn what they are doing to make sales
– Use cutting edge sales data and letter grades to increase your listings success

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Creating Digital Downloads:

β–ͺ️ Easiest to use & FREE version ➝ https://penniesnotperfection.com/Canva
β–ͺ️ Most robust option ➝ https://penniesnotperfection.com/AdobeIndesign

Selling Digital Downloads:

β–ͺ️ Etsy (best marketplace) ➝ https://penniesnotperfection.com/StartEtsyShop
β–ͺ️ Shopify (best option for long term) ➝ https://penniesnotperfection.com/Shopify
β–ͺ️ Podia (good for products & courses) ➝ https://penniesnotperfection.com/Podia
β–ͺ️ ConvertKit (sell via email) ➝https://penniesnotperfection.com/ckfreeemail

Digital Product Courses:

β–ͺ️ Etsy Entrepreneur ➝ https://penniesnotperfection.com/etsyentrepreneurcourse
β–ͺ️ E-Printables ➝ https://penniesnotperfection.com/EPrintablesCourse

πŸ”Ή More Resources πŸ”Ή

β–ͺ️ Etsy research tool ➝ https://salesamurai.io/261.html Discount code: penniesnotperfection
β–ͺ️ My favorite resources ➝ https://penniesnotperfection.com/DigitalDownloadResources


I started selling digital downloads to go along with my YouTube channel in 2019 and fell in love with digital products. It’s been my favorite creative hobby and one of my best, most consistent income streams that earns me money every month even if I don’t work on it. On this channel I love sharing creative projects and all the info I’ve learned about how to create and sell digital downloads for passive income.


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