This video offers YouTube Advice for beginners and those struggling to figure out how to get more views on YouTube in 2022 (keyword phrase). Yes, can. Yes, it’s possible and this video will shed some light with specific answers to popular questions.

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Aputure 120d ii (incredible studio light) –

Aputure Softbox (large for 120d ii) –

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Hue Light Strips (the classic) –

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Sony ZV1 (best value) –

Sony A7S iii (increadible video camera) –

Sony A1 (professional level, stills and video –

Sony 24mm F1.4 Lens (increadible bokeh, low light, astro) –

Sony 20mm F1.8 Lens (perfect for vlogging) –

Sigma 24 to 70 F2.8 (great all around video lens) –

C Stand (professional light stand) –

Best Memory Cards for 4K Cameras –

Indoor Tripod (budget) –

Peak Designs Travel Tripod (best in class) –

Sony Bluetooth Vlogging Handle –

Vlogging Tripod (switchpod) –

Vlogging Tripod Pixie –

Video Tripod For Heavier Cameras / Lens –

Sony 100 to 400 Gmaster (veristile zoom) –

Sony 200 to 600 G Lens (wildlife, birding, moon shots zoom) –

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