How To Become A Copywriter (With Zero Experience)
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Check out this exclusive interview with my student, Jenny and find out how she went from filing for unemployment to earning 6-figures as a freelance copywriter in just over a year…

You’ll hear how Jenny, a then yoga instructor, had to go on unemployment for the first time in her life after losing her job in 2020 due to the pandemic.

Lost, confused and desperate for work, she found a part-time job selling crystals for $17/hour…

And just over a year later, Jenny was earning a life-changing $17,000/month as a freelance copywriter.

Then $19,000 the month after that…

And $20,000 the month after that…

In this interview, she’s spilling ALL the tea on exactly how she did it.

And her tips for finding clients are seriously amazing. So you betta be ready to take some note 🔥


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