In this video I will share exactly how much does Youtube pay me (I’m at 29,000 subscribers). You will find out how much youtubers earn, what is my CPM on Youtube and which topics and videos bring me more Youtube earnings.


HOW TO GET MONETIZED ON YOUTUBE FAST! How I met YouTube Monetization Requirements in 6 Months!

How To Start a Youtube Channel for Beginners and Get 1000 Subscribers FAST

So, in this video I will share with you all the details about how much I’m getting paid by Youtube for the ads that you see on my videos. These are technically Google Adsense ads just like the ones you can have on a website, but in this case, they are shown on my videos.

I’ll definitely share with you my Youtube analytics and will bring you behind the scenes of my channel to show you how much I’m getting paid for different types of videos on the channel, and in general the CPM on my videos – meaning how much youtube is paying me for each 1000 of views.

Before I dive into all of my analytics, I just wanted to give you a heads up. If you are also thinking about starting a Youtube channel, I have a great tool for you – it’s a Youtube Launch Checklist. Stay with me until the end of this video and I’ll tell you how you can get this printable guide for free!

First we can see in the dashboard the estimates of my Youtube ad income for the last 28 days. But I want to show you more detailed reports today so I’m going to click-through to my Youtube Analytics and will go from there to the Revenue tab.

We can see how much it means on a daily basis. Some days I make around $50, some days it goes up to $70. We can change here the dates to see how much Youtube paid me last month in May. It was $1700. In April it was a bit lower, $1600.

Another factor that can influence your CPM is of course how many ads you set to be shown in your videos. You can decide to maximize the number of ads per video and your CPMs will get higher. I personally keep my ad settings somewhere in the reasonable middle, not just one ad at the beginning but I also don’t want to annoy my audience with too many ads. I will get into these details in just a moment, to show you which ads I’ve turned off.

Now let me show you really quickly how this income corresponds to the number of views on the channel. So, in the last 28 days, I’ve got over 150k views that earned me nearly $1600.

And here I can show you how much my channel earned in the last 365 days, actually it looks like I’ve got monetized less than a year ago, my first ad income is registered on 8th of August 2019. And in total on my channel I made almost $10k with Google Adsense since Youtube enabled monetization for me.

I think it’s so great because that right there if I divide it by 10 months because I’m recording this video in June, so we are looking not at the entire year but roughly at my income with Youtube ads for about 10 months. So it makes about a $1000 that Youtube ads paid me on this channel, without any extra effort on my side. I would make these videos about blogging and Pinterest marketing anyway because they help me grow traffic to my website, increase my audience and get more clients. But this additional $1000/mo just from Youtube is a completely passive and great extra bonus to the other income sources I have in my online business.

Now let me look into some of the top earning videos on my channel.

I think it’s important to add here that your CPMs are generally affected by the niche in a sense that if your channel is in quite a narrow niche, where there are not so many similar channels, advertisers will have to compete for your ad placements and this drives the CPM higher. Whereas for very broadly niched Youtube channels, or the ones in entertainment niches, lifestyle vlogs and such, since there are so many similar channels, advertisers have plenty of ad spaces and this high supply drives the CPMs down.

You can actually set this up on each video differently. So if you have a long 30-min video, maybe it could make sense adding an ad during the video since the video itself is so very long. I might test this on a couple of videos just to see if it improves the CPM on those videos.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about monetization on Youtube, and let me know if you decided to start your own channel!

I picked a few of my previous videos that are perfectly complimentary to what I shared with you today. You can watch them here and there. And I guess, that’s it for today! I’ll see you in the next videos!

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