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YouTube Shorts is the best way to make money on YouTube right now. This video is a full YouTube Shorts tutorial, essentially a mini-course, which will show you how to make YouTube shorts.


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First, I will show you some of my own results, and address an important question – “What are YouTube Shorts”?

The first step in this tutorial is to find a great YouTube niche. Maybe you already know what niche you would like to be in. If not – no worries, in this video I will show you some simple and powerful ways to find a niche for your YouTube Shorts videos.

Next, I will show you how to find great keywords on YouTube which can bring you viral views for your Shorts videos.

Then, I will show you where and how you can find copyright-free footage which will allow you to download the footage, re-edit it, and merge many multiple clips into your own video. That way, you can create your own Shorts video without having to create your own YouTube Shorts from scratch.

The last step is to upload and monetize and I will show you how the best practice for how to ensure that you give your video the maximum chance of being uncovered by the Youtube algorithm.



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00:00 Intro – How To Make Money with YouTube Shorts
01:30 What Are YouTube Shorts?
02:22 My Results From YouTube Shorts
03:53 Using YT Shorts – Strategy
06:09 Step 1 – Get FREE Software
06:32 Step 2 – Find the Niche for Your Channel
09:20 Step 3 – Find the Topic for your Video
10:33 Step 4 – Make the YouTube Shorts Video
22:49 Step 5 – Join Affiliate Programs
24:30 Step 6 – Upload & Monetize
30:22 Summary: Step By Step Plan