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Summary of the video:

There’s really only a few simple steps to learn how to use Google Maps to make money using this new method, and it all starts with, you guessed it… GOOGLE MAPS! In all seriousness though, we need to go to Google Maps and find a business. Small, local, service-based businesses will work best for this strategy. I chose Electricians in Minneapolis.

Next, we are looking to see if these businesses are running Facebook ads. You can install a free Google Chrome extension called “Facebook Pixel Helper” and that will show you if a business has the “Facebook Pixel” installed on their website. This is just a simple piece of code that allows FB to track the website visitors, and without a pixel on the website, they can’t run ads.

After we find a business without a FB pixel on their website (most won’t have it) we are going to reach out to them via email or phone, and tell them this: “Hi name, I was just on your website and I noticed you don’t have a Facebook pixel installed on your website and I actually specialize in doing this and running re-targeting ads for businesses just like yours. And these re-targeting ads allow you to make a much higher ROI with spending way less than you would with traditional ads.”

Now, if you don’t actually know what re-targeting ads are, they just target a specific audience that visited your website, watched a video on your FB page, etc. These are much better because the people already know this business and they aren’t “cold” audiences. You can read this blog for some insane statistics about re-targeting:

Around this time, you may be getting some replies from these businesses. If you plan on only doing the re-targeting ads for them, 100-200 a month is a fair price. If they want you to run traditional FB ads, as well, you can charge 300-1000+. And if you’re brand new, you can also just tell them you’ll do a test run where they pay for the ads and only pay you if they approve of the results (that’s super powerful).

After getting the client, you need to set up a Facebook Business Manager account at and that’s how you can request access to their business account and run ads for them (I show how to do this in the video).

Next, you will want to install the pixel on their website, which is quite literally a copy & paste piece of code (I also explained this in the video). This will allow you to track people’s activity on their website, along with their FB business account (if they use it) and of course, run ads for them.

After doing this, you want to click create ad and inside of the ad you can actually create a custom audience for the re-targeting ad. This is where you can pick “people who visited my website in the last 30 days” or “people who viewed 95% of this video” etc etc. And I showed all of this in the video. The only thing I didn’t show was how to create the ad itself because there are 1000s of tutorials on YouTube showing.

And in a nutshell, that’s how to use Google Maps to make money. Feel free to comment down below if you have any questions, I’m always happy to help – but make sure to smash the like button if you enjoyed this video!

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