10 Copywriting Tips For Preparing A Sales Page Brief
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Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You’re on a call with a client and then, finally, they ask you to write a sales page… 

And you’re all like “YESSSSSS I got this”… But then you’re all like… Wait, NOW WHAT?!?! 

And you’re left in a frantic panic, feeling totally unprepared. Clueless on what questions you need to ask them, or what things you need to know at all.

Or maybe you’re writing your OWN sales page – what do you need to make sure you have before you start?

So many people think that copywriting starts with writing… which… makes sense right? 

But nope. 

Before you blow your client or customers away with your amaze-balls copywriting skills… you first have to do some detective work…

And in this video, I’m going over my Pre-Copywriting Checklist, the 10 very important things that you MUST have before you even think about writing a word of your sales page.


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