The 10 Conversion Triggers EVERY Sales Page Needs
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Want to know how to write sales copy that creates trust, builds authority and converts like crazy?

Today, I’m sharing my own top secret checklist for critiquing and optimizing a sales page! I created this Hot Offer Checklist to use as a proven reference and guide for whenever I’m critiquing copy for my private clients, partners or Flight Club Mastermind members.

In this tutorial, you’re getting a super quick sneak peek into the full 10-Point Offer Training I teach inside the Copy Posse Launch Pad. 

This quick checklist includes 10 conversion triggers that I ALWAYS look for when reviewing copy to build trust, boost authority and ignite sales.

You can grab a copy of it at the link above. Print it off, keep it on your desk and use it as you’re doing research or critiquing copy for your favourite brands! It’s great for practice or you can use it as a last step checklist to finalize a sales page you’re writing for a client.


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