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I had the opportunity to sit down with Shawn Twing, one of the most brilliant marketers, copywriters, and strategists in the game today.

Shawn ran a successful digital agency from 1998-2021 – running campaigns and strategizing offers for massive players like Agora Financial and Legacy Research.

And today, Shawn works with another OG in the marketing space – Andre Chaperon (who was one of the first copywriters I studied and learned from when I got into the world of online marketing over a decade ago)…

Together, they write more than 200,000+ a year, crafting emails, courses, content and more…

So when it comes to the world of copywriting and marketing, it’s safe to say that it doesn’t get much better (or knowledgable) than Shawn.

In this exclusive interview, Shawn condenses his 25 years of experience – from working with more than 240 clients, completing more than 750 projects, managing more than $100 million in ad spend, and teaching thousands of students around the world…

And he’s sharing the single most important skill you need if you want to become a top 0.01% marketer.

Yep – I’m talking about the one marketing superpower that separates the 99.99% of decent copywriters from the 0.01% who are exceptional…

And he’s breaking it all down for you in this exclusive 60-minute interview.


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