As YouTubers we use a lot of different things to get it all done. From video editing to thumbnails to writing scripts, etc. there are a lot of tools that make it all easier and more efficient. This video shares the tools I use for my channel and the things those tools help me with.

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Quick jump for any specific tools you’re looking for:
0:00 – Tools for YouTubers
0:09 – Screen recording & simple editing
1:25 – YouTube channel optimization
1:32 – Keyword research and video ideas
1:36 – AB Thumbnail testing tool
1:48 – Brand alerts
1:55 – Quickly tagging videos
2:06 – Channel promotion and management
2:11 – Upload assistant
2:18 – My social bio page
2:28 – Promoting videos on social media
2:34 – Thumbnail previewing on home pages
2:47 – Live streaming
3:18 – Bringing guests onto live streams
3:22 – Adding graphics to streams
3:27 – Live stream video back ups
4:02 – My video signal path
4:15 – Content calendar
4:31 – Video scripting and bullet points
4:53 – Comment management
5:29 – Fast mobile edits for shorts
5:47 – Video editing apps
5:51 – Thumbnails
6:05 – Audio processing
6:29 – Video editing
6:53 – Background music
7:06 – B-roll for my videos
7:19 – Channel membership management
7:30 – Quick question
7:36 – More helpful YouTube tools

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