How to Post on Pinterest: How to Create Pins that will drive you free traffic from Pinterest. ???? GET PRINTABLE PINTEREST PIN SIZES AND DIMENSIONS CHECKLIST Recommended sizes and dimensions of pin Images, video pin formats that Get More Engagement on Pinterest. How to upload a pin on Pinterest using different methods.

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I will show you the best image sizes that work great on Pinterest, the require video length and format for video pins and everything else you need to know about different types of pins that currently exist.

Pinterest is a platform that has elements of a social media site and a search engine. Pins on Pinterest can be made of static images, of short video clips, or even a mixture of different content formats. Most of the pins are linked to blog posts, e-Commerce sites, they can also be linked to Instagram accounts or Youtube videos.

Anything that you save on Pinterest, has a longer lifespan than content posted on other social media like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. That’s because of the search functionality on Pinterest. Users on Pinterest can browse their feed but they also very often use Pinterest as a search engine and type in some keywords which will help your content get found even months or years after the date you posted it.

You can use Pinterest for your personal boards, and the majority of Pinterest users actually are just collecting their favorite images or ideas so that they can go back at any time and get a quick access to the content they liked.

But there is also a big portion of Pinterest users like me for example who use the platform as content creators and marketers. We are creating boards strategically to share our content and get free traffic from Pinterest back to our websites.

No matter what is your role on Pinterest, this video will show you how to post on this platform and I’ll actually go over all the existing pin formats.


00:00 Intro
01:15 Best Practices for Pin Image Designs
03:14 How to Post on Pinterest on Your Phone
04:57 How To Create Pins on Desktop Computer
10:50 How to Create Idea Pins (previously called Story Pins)