I’m so excited to share with you 10 Instagram hacks you didn’t know existed. These are a combination of hacks and Instagram features you may be overlooking. From how to get the swipe up feature without having 10k followers to how to stop bots from commenting “DM to collab” on your photos!

How to Create Highlight Covers Using Canva: https://youtu.be/LgOV5Jbg8Io

0:00 Intro
0:44 shoutouts
1:04 How to edit your boomerang after recording it
2:05 Send a notification to your followers with the countdown sticker!
3:34 How to get the green screen filter on Instagram stories
4:39 How to hide hashtags, mentions, music etc.
5:50 How to add multiple photos and videos to your story at once
6:43 What is the “donation” button on Instagram Stories
7:17 How to get the “swipe up” effect without 10k followers
10:55 How to change highlight covers without uploading a photo to your story
11:35 What is pinning comments on Instagram?
12:10 How to stop those annoying “DM to collab” comments!

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