I’m so excited to share with you 10 Instagram hacks you didn’t know existed. These are a combination of hacks and Instagram features you may be overlooking. This video is sponsored by App Sumo!

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0:00-0:28 Intro
0:28-0:47 Shoutouts
0:47-1:10 My last video for how to get the swipe up without 10k followers
1:10-2:25 How to turn a live photo into a boomerang on Instagram
2:25-3:16 How to get closed captions to pop up on Instagram stories
3:16-4:40 Support me and this video’s sponsor: AppSumo!
4:40-5:40 How to get smooth transitions on Instagram Reels TIP
5:40-7:15 How to animate your text on Instagram stories
7:15-9:24 How to save your stories in an archive
9:24-10:58 How to set up ‘quick replies’ on Instagram
10:58-12:06 How to organize and restrict tagged photos of you
12:06-12:54 How to change the covers of your Saved Albums
12:54-13:30 Filter your inbox by unread messages
13:30-14:54 Instagram keeps track of your recently liked and deleted content
14:54-15:58 How to see which hashtags are giving you the best results

⟡ How to Create Highlight Covers Using Canva: https://youtu.be/LgOV5Jbg8Io
⟡ Creative Instagram Story Ideas: https://youtu.be/M6n1GQe06cY
⟡ How to create an Instagram content calendar: https://youtu.be/j9UcnlL_6NU

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