10 MILLION MONTHLY VIEWERS ON PINTEREST?! How to Get More Monthly Viewers on Pinterest. Pinterest Growth Tips and Secrets from AnastasiaBlogger.com



How to Grow Your Pinterest Followers Organically




Hey guys! I can’t believe I’m finally able to record a video about it!

Something really exciting happened and I wanted to share this milestone with you and hope to inspire some of you to grow your Pinterest.

So, guys, I finally have over 10 Million + on Pinterest! That’s the number you can see on my public Pinterest profile, but actually, if I show you how it looks inside, you’ll be shocked even more.

Because when you see 10+ million, you don’t know how far beyond that Plus sign the account can go. I reached the 10 million milestone quite recently, and my monthly audience on Pinterest keeps growing. I’m currently at 12.69 million with over 30 million impressions of my pins.

If you want to know my best tips and secrets of growing my account to over 10 million monthly viewers, stick with me until the end of the video and I’m going to reveal them all. So you can start growing your Pinterest account too!
Here you go, are you ready to learn my best tips for growing your monthly viewers on Pinterest?

1. Tip #1. Create a ton of new pins and new posts. That’s a major factor because Pinterest rewards the accounts which are able to produce a lot of fresh content.
2. Tips #2. Post on Pinterest often. 3-5 pins a day is not enough for a big success. You need 10-30- even 50 pins a day if you have enough content for this.
3. Tip #3. When you need to manage such a high volume of pins, you will hardly handle it all manually. Use Tailwind scheduler! It allows you to schedule pins with intervals, so you don’t save the same pin many times a day.
4. Tip #4. Save pins from other accounts to your relevant boards. You might not realize that but monthly viewers number includes pins from your website, but not only that – it also includes your repins of content saved by other users on Pinterest. It will not directly increase your traffic from Pinterest but it will indirectly help you get more traffic because your account quality will get higher in the eyes of Pinterest algorithm.
5. Tip #5. Pinterest SEO search engine optimization! This IS the elephant in the room. If you are new to my channel and don’t know what you need to do to improve Pinterest SEO for your account and your pins and boards, then watch my other tutorial on the channel. I’ll give you a link in the top right corner and in the description below this video.
6. Tip #6. Create multiple pins per post. You see, creating a blog post or a page on your site takes a lot of time and effort. Creating a pin doesn’t take that much time. Again, Pinterest rewards accounts for fresh content, and for Pinterest a new image equals fresh content. I use a free online tool called Canva to create my pins, and after you created the first pin version, it takes not more than 10 minutes to quickly change some details in your initial pin and make 3 to 5 versions of your pin in Canva. I have a detailed Canva tutorial on my channel, I’ll give you a link in the top right corner and in the description below this video.