In this video we’ll look at the PROS and CONS of starting YouTube in 2023.
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Is it too late to start a youtube channel that makes money?
1. Demand is still outpacing supply
2. New creators are starting and earning money
3. The Influencer marketing industry continues to grow
4. Only half of a percent of YouTube channels are consistently creating content
5. Even a Small YouTube Channel Can Lead to Big Opportunities
6. The YouTube Algorithm Rewards New Channels
7. YouTube is Promoting YouTube Shorts
8. Starting a YouTube Channel is Cost-Effective
9. Global e-commerce sales continue to grow
10. YouTube is the second-most popular search engine right after Google.
But I have a warning for you…

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About This Video:
Did you know that it’s not too late to start YouTube in 2023? In this video, I’m sharing 10 reasons why it’s not too late to start YouTube and become a successful YouTuber.

Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been online for years, there’s still time to start a successful YouTube channel. In this video, I’ll share with you 10 reasons why it’s not too late to start YouTube and see your YouTube channel grow into something amazing!