In this video, I talk about Instagram’s 2 new metrics that have been released for Instagram Reels.

So if you want to stay on top of your content creation and ensure the performance of your Reels. Watch the video!

🔍 What’s New?

Well here are the new metrics from the latest Instagram Update in 2023.

🔄 Replays Metric: Discover how Instagram’s new ‘Replays’ metric on Instagram will change how you see your Reels’ perform. We look at how this new feature can help you understand not just the number of views but the quality of engagement.
📈 Updated Reels Plays Definition: Learn about the significant update in the definition of ‘Reels Plays’, now including both Initial Plays and Replays. This could also mean a noticeable boost in your play counts!
📊 Deep Dive into Viewer Engagement:
Interactive Retention Chart: Instagram are releasing a graph called the interactive Retention Chart. This tool is a game-changer, offering insights into viewer engagement on a moment-by-moment basis. Perfect for fine-tuning your content to keep your audience hooked!

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