After watching hundreds of YouTube Shorts, these things keep coming up as things that EVERYONE needs to do. These will help you get your Shorts on the shelf faster, improve your audience retention, and help you produce better content.

How often should you be publishing YouTube Shorts?
How many Shorts is too much?
How long should your YouTube Shorts be?
Should you make a thumbnail for your Shorts?

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0:00 The Questions
0:26 How Long Should Your YouTube Shorts Be?
1:44 Testing Shorts Lengths for Highest AVP
2:50 I Changed My Mind on This
3:39 Does Current Audience Affect Shorts Success?
4:49 Examples from Channel Makers
5:53 Thumbnails for YouTube Shorts?
7:23 How to Optimize Your Shorts
8:48 The Most Valuable CTA for Shorts
9:59 How Often to Publish Shorts?
11:47 The 67% Rule and Me Trolling You
13:40 Why Are People Watching Shorts?

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