⁣⁠How To 2020-Proof Your Copywriting & Marketing
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Today I’m addressing a question I’ve received a lot lately – how do we as copywriters, marketers and business owners pivot in response to the global pandemic and other tumultuous social and economic events of late.

We are living in strange times. This year has been like one giant reset button for businesses around the world. No longer can we rely on outdated marketing funnels, tone-deaf copywriting or one-size-fits-all SOPs for ROI. You gotta pivot… and fast.

Ah yes. Pivot. The business keyword of the year that has taken on a rather different meaning. A slight repositioning? No sir. More like total emergency management. 

As we all know by now, companies have been forced to either swiftly adapt to these new market shifts or risk going under quickly. 

Here are 5 copywriting and marketing strategies you must do to stay alive and thrive this year.


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