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???? Super fun FACTS about Starla:
– I started selling on Etsy at age 19.
– I am currently a manager at eRank.com, Etsy’s most popular SEO tool.
– I’m a nut for neuroscience and psychology and have incorporated both into my businesses.
– Before Etsy, I worked at McDonalds, as a Pre-School Teacher, and I built manifold covers for Honda.
– I have a phobia of latex balloons. The technical name is globophobia.
– I grew up with six very large pet snakes who I cuddled with.
– My hair has been nearly every color other than green.
– I have 6 tattoos that include a mermaid, a skeleton key, a bird (the logo of my favorite Band, Bayside) and 3 wolves.

???? Super fun FACTS about Marc:
– He served 6 years in the Air Force.
– He is an amazing singer, though he currently plays guitar in a metal band.
– He builds computers for fun.
– He’s super into astrophysics and donates to space exploration organizations.
– He is unbeatable at DDR (Dance Dance Revolution). He’s won several huge DDR competitions.
– He REALLY loves his cat… Like, reeeeally loves his cat.
– He is the chef of our household and spends countless hours learning new kitchen skills.

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