Overcome Writer’s Block With These 5 Copywriting Exercises
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So you have this looming deadline ahead, and when you finally sit down at your computer to write it… you get… nothing?

Well trust me, you aren’t alone on this one. Even after 10+ years in the biz I still hit a mountainous writer’s block from time to time.  We all do.

Despite all the copywriting templates, formulas, and tools that are available online… if you don’t have something to ignite that creative spark, all you’ll be doing, is a whole lot of time-wasting… 

But don’t worry, it’s not all hopeless! 

After many years, and countless encounters with writer’s block… I developed 5 prompts and exercises that help get me out of my funk, and into my copywriting rhythm…

And I’m sharing all five with you in this video. 

These are your new go-to copywriting exercises for writing high-converting sales pages and marketing funnels.


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