6 Forgotten Female Copywriters You NEED To Know About
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When it comes to icons in the copywriting world, there are certain names that everyone recognizes…

✅ David Ogilvy
✅ Leo Burnett
✅ Gary Halbert
✅ Eugene Schwartz
✅ Robert Cialdini
✅ and Joseph Sugarman…

…are just a few examples of names that we honor and celebrate as the legendary forefathers of copywriting…

And I’m not saying their recognition isn’t well deserved.

These men are geniuses and their contributions to the world of marketing, advertising & copywriting have been profound…

But what most people don’t realize is that women have been absolutely crushing it in the world of marketing, advertising & copywriting for just as long – if not longer – than men.

So in this video, we’re going to shed some much-needed light on the iconic women who shaped copywriting history…

All while massively challenging sexist norms, patriarchal society, and systemic oppression.

🚨 DISCLAIMER: there were so many iconic women throughout history that I wanted to feature in this segment, that I decided to break it up into a 2-parter.

This video is Part 1, and make sure to check out Part 2 afterward because I saved some of my absolute favorite women for the sequel!


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