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This video will show you everything you need to know about how to get Pinterest followers fast.


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This video will show you everything you need to know about how to get Pinterest followers fast and what you should avoid doing if you don’t want to get your Pinterest account suspended.

In this video I will give you the right 3 ways to can use to grow your followers on Pinterest but I will also show you what you should definitely avoid doing if you don’t want to get your account suspended.

Let’s first talk about growing followers on Pinterest. Do I recommend seriously focusing on growing this number? If you watch my video recorded about 3 years ago, you’ll see that I was kind of neeeeh, followers on Pinterest are not really important.

But I am recording this new video and things have changed over time, so what can I tell you today my friends?

Well, Pinterest is still a combination of a social media and a search engine. Your pins can still be found in search months and even years later than you published them and the number of your followers on Pinterest is still not the main factor that defines how much traffic you are getting from this platform.

So, what has actually changed? The stuff that you can only know if you are using a platform long enough to read between the lines and to understand the hints they are giving with the new features and interface changes.

I want you to keep in mind an interesting fact that Pinterest has this new format of pins called Idea pins. They used to be called Story pins while in Beta but anyway. These pins are different from regular image pins and from video pins because you can’t link any page to your Idea pin. And Idea pins get really great impression numbers because Pinterest is pushing this new format in the algorithm.

And you know what’s interesting? The only benefit of Idea pins is that at the end of each pin users will get a link to your Pinterest profile. Users can save these pins and can go to your profile and there they can follow you of course.

In other words, Pinterest created a special type of pins that don’t send users from the platform to your website right away but instead, they send users to your profile page first and that is supposed to help you with following numbers.

The second argument that is kind of changing my mind about followers on Pinterest is a recent study made by Tailwind scheduler that has shown https://www.tailwindapp.com/blog/how-to-increase-pinterest-engagement-in-2021-original-data-study that accounts with larger followings tended to have more saves per pin than other accounts.

Tailwind is an officially authorized Pinterest scheduler, if you are wondering how to use it, I have another video on the channel with a tutorial for beginners, so check the link in the top right corner and in in the description below this video.

Since so many people use Tailwind, they have access to a lot of data. In this study they looked at 2 million Pinterest accounts and they found a clear correlation between the higher number of followers and higher number of saved pins per account.

So, I guess, it’s enough arguments in favor of working on getting more followers on Pinterest. Let’s get into the actual steps I want to recommend you.

1. Create Idea pins

I already mentioned Ideas pin, which were previously called Story pins. This is a new feature on Pinterest and it might be available on some accounts and on others you might still need to request this feature. And if you want to learn how to create story pins, I have another video on my channel where I have a video tutorial and show you click by click how to create them. Check it in the info icon or in the description down below.

And I want to clear some doubts you probably have about Idea pins just because they seem to be similar to Stories on other platforms.