Over the last 4 years, I’ve purchased a lot of YouTube equipment… some things I love and others I regret buying. Today I’m sharing all my YouTube gear including the best cameras for filming & more! Try Epidemic for FREE today – http://share.epidemicsound.com/thecontentbug

*please note, these links are affiliate links! if you purchase anything through the links below I may receive a small commission but there is no additional charge to you!

Canon m50:
… Amazon – https://bit.ly/3aZduH9
… Best Buy – https://bit.ly/2SRpnah

Canon m50 mark ii:
… Amazon – https://bit.ly/30QjLDm
… Best Buy – https://bit.ly/3pvpGYV

Canon m5:
… Amazon – https://bit.ly/3aZVhcD (renewed version)
… Best Buy – https://bit.ly/3m1wWJB

Canon m200:
… Amazon – https://bit.ly/3ngDYK1
… Best Buy – https://bit.ly/3t2UIW5
… Target – https://bit.ly/3u0chr0

Canon 11-22mm lens – https://bit.ly/3G9kJL5
Hoya lens filter – https://bit.ly/3vwVbT6
Memory card – https://bit.ly/3GdDGfQ
Powerextra batteries for m50 – https://bit.ly/3pqiPQj

Dolica Proline – https://bit.ly/3B7GQh8
Acuvar 50″ Tripod – https://bit.ly/3aXRDQr
ZoMei 59″ Compact Tripod – https://bit.ly/2XCvzYE
Manfrotto 61″ Tripod – https://bit.ly/3GkOmt9

Sunpak Flexpod – no longer available
Mountdog Mini Tripod – https://bit.ly/3B10ECR
Manfrotto Pixi Mini Tripod – https://bit.ly/2Xy02H9

Car Suction Cup Mount – https://bit.ly/3kT88R4
Nunet Heavy Duty Suction Mount – https://bit.ly/3b2UNT7

Rode Videomicro – https://bit.ly/3GaAYY7
Rode Lavalier Go – https://bit.ly/2XxWbda
Rode Wireless Go – https://bit.ly/30F5gSC
Rode VideoMic Pro+ – https://bit.ly/3G3VmdH
Shure VP83 Shotgun – https://bit.ly/3G7RCrB
Blue Snowball Ice – https://bit.ly/3vwX428
Fifine Podcast Microphone – https://bit.ly/2Z6PeQO
Puroma Microphone Arm Stand – https://bit.ly/3puj4K7

Adjustable Boom Mic Stand – https://bit.ly/3m59BGU
Thread Adapter – https://bit.ly/3m2U2j5
Stand Adapter with Tripod Screw – https://bit.ly/3B8DWZr
Audio Cable – https://bit.ly/3m1tsa4

LimoStudio Umbrella Lights – http://bit.ly/38hcz0Z
Neewer Softbox Lights – https://bit.ly/3m4Z7Yq
Sunpak LED Ring Light – https://bit.ly/3m2Y1fJ
Neewer Selfie Ring Light – https://bit.ly/3C88ooa

LaCie Harddrive – https://bit.ly/3G6nTPT

Like I said in the video, you do not need all of this YouTube gear! It has taken me years to acquire all of these products and I made sure to invest my money in things I really needed first like a camera for filming YouTube videos, a cheap microphone to go on top of my camera, and moved up from there! So if you’re looking for the best YouTube camera, studio lights for filming YouTube videos and even if you didn’t know you should buy a lens filter for your Canon camera, I hope you found this video helpful ????

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0:00 – 1:57 Intro
1:57 – 9:44 Cameras
9:44 – 11:15 Camera Accessories
11:15 – 16:15 Tall Tripods
16:15 – 19:45 Handheld Tripods & Suction Mounts
19:45 – 24:14 Microphones
24:14 – 28:14 Studio Lights
28:14 – 30:42 Memory Cards, Batteries & More
30:42 – 31:42 Outro

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