Do you want to create 301 redirects on your WordPress website?

301 redirects help fix 404 page not found errors and point users to the correct page. It provides a better user experience and improves your keyword rankings.

In this video, we’ll explain what is a 301 redirect and how you can create them on your website.

Method 1 is by using All in One SEO. AIOSEO is the best SEO plugin for WordPress. It has a powerful redirection manager addon that makes it easy to find and fix broken links on your website.

To get started with AIOSEO, just head over to

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Method 2 uses Redirection plugin that lets you easily redirect your old links to new links.

Method 3 uses the Page Links to plugin that lets you keep the post or page, but redirects it to another post or page

Method 4 is another easy to use plugin called Simple 301 Redirects that will keep track of your redirects on your site and lets you add new redirect links when you need to.

You can also set up 301 redirects using .htacess. This can be a little more advanced, but it lets you redirect on your server.

You’ll want to make a backup of your .htaccess file before making any changes.

All In One SEO makes it easy to edit your .htaccess file right from your WordPress dashboard.

Feel free to take a look at the written version of this tutorial here:

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00:00 Why you need to create 301 redirects for your posts
02:33 Method 1 add redirect to your site using All in One SEO
06:46 Method 2 using Redirection plugin
08:11 Method 3 Page Links to Plugin
09:06 Method 4 Simple 301 Redirect plugin
09:52 Method 5 edit .htaccess file to add redirection

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