Best Camera For YouTube Beginners 2020 – The Sony ZV1

Is the Sony ZV1 the best camera for YouTube videos in 2020 and 2021? This is my experience with YouTube and cameras …

Since 2016 I have been obsessed with YouTube, videos and thus cameras. I’ve shot on the Canon 70d, the Sony RX100 Mark 5, the Sony a6300, the Sony a6400 and now the Sony ZV1. You could say I am somewhat between a YouTube beginner and an intermediate when it comes to cameras, video and understanding all the camera settings.

For me, the Sony ZV1 has been an incredible camera that’s just perfect for youtube. I don’t need lens, I don’t need a bunch of accessories, it shoots amazing 4K video the auto focus is top of the class, the new color science is incredible and there so much more. Such as the fun slow motion settings, the camera captures 240, 480 and 960 frames per second and more. This thing package a serious punch and is a HECK of a great value.

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