BREAKING NEWS! YouTube Studio rolls out podcast support and tools for Creators. Here are all of the details and what they mean for you. **** Watch our video on the best budget YouTube podcast gear here 👉

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1. How to Create a Podcast in YouTube Studio (YouTube Creators Channel)

2. YouTube Studio rolls out podcast support and tools for Creators

3. YouTube is the biggest platform podcasting-wise, holding 24.2% of listeners, with Spotify coming in second with 23.8% and Apple in third, with 16%. –

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The wait is over! YouTube has finally launched their podcasts feature, which means you can now create and share your own podcasts on YouTube.

This is a big update for YouTube users, and it’s something we’ve been waiting for! In this video, I’m going to show you how to create a new YouTube podcast channel, and share some of my favorite podcasts to check out. After watching this video, you’ll be ready to start podcasting on YouTube!