Write Better Headlines That Capture Attention & Get Clicks
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It’s estimated that 8 out of 10 people will read your headline copy… but only TWO of them will actually click through to read the rest 😱

So what’s the difference between the 6 that bounce and the 2 that stick around?

Well, more than likely, it all comes down to how CAPTIVATING the headline was.

If your headline can effectively pique curiosity, speak to the audience, open an enticing loop, or otherwise HOOK & ENGAGE your reader…

Then your chances of getting a click increase dramatically!

Which sounds great… but HOW can you actually write better headlines that will land you in the “click-worthy” category?

In this tutorial, I’ll let you look over my shoulder as I critique 5 headlines on the fly – what made them great, what left me wanting more and what would make them even more powerful?

I’m about to break it all down for you, so YOU can start crafting headlines that are too captivating to scroll past…


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