3 Ways To Stand Out & Sell Out In An Oversaturated Market
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Let’s face it… not every project you take on will be for some brand new, never seen before, amazingly unique, life-changing product…

Sometimes the products you write for will be… well… straight-up boring.

Everyday products, non-essential commodities, or household items can be tough to write for…

If the market is insanely oversaturated – how are you supposed to write original, compelling, and powerful copy that actually makes you stand apart from the competition? ????

I mean, it’s pretty dang difficult to convince anyone that a bouquet, a loveseat, or some farm-fresh poultry is going to completely change their life…

And that can make your job as a copywriter kind of… tricky.

But rest assured, while it might not be easy to write compelling sales copy for “boring” commodities, it is possible…

And in today’s video, I’m going to share 3 ways you can position everyday products so they stand out and sell out.

And then I’ll share the single biggest secret when it comes to selling anything today, which is the number one difference between products that flop… and products that fly off the shelf.


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