Today we’re going to be breaking down, creating the right profile. In this lesson I’m going to be breaking down profile optimization and how to set up that perfect profile.

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So let’s start off with picking the right profile picture. I want you to pick a photo that looks like you. You also want to make sure that image of you is in a high resolution. When you also upload an image your face should take up roughly 60% of the frame. Just make sure it’s the top of your shoulders or around the shoulders, so then that way you can see all the way from a little bit of your clothes to just a little bit above your head. And make sure you’re also the only person in that picture.

Remember LinkedIn, isn’t a personal social network, it’s a B2B social network. So make sure you’re using that nice clean crisp image. You don’t want too much stuff in the background.

So let’s look at the headline section. Your headline is underneath your name. It’s roughly 120 characters, at least that’s the limit including spaces. And your headline should provide benefits to the viewers and include the right keywords.

Then next there’s a summary section.I want you to be authentic. There’s a 2000 character limit. You don’t have to be short to the point. I recommend going more in depth because people want to get to know about you. Make your summary keyword rich, provide data to back up your results and have a clear call to action.

LinkedIn of course has the experience section and that’s a large chunk of LinkedIn. And you need a thought the experience that you’ve had. So I’ll break down the companies I’ve worked at, my past job positions. But be specific with your jobs. And what a lot of people do is they’ll just say all right, here’s my position at that company.

And again, in this section, don’t forget the keywords. And whenever you can show credibility like if you’re an advisor to a company, or an investor, or a board member, all of that helps as well.

Next section is the education section. You want to maximize your academic history. I know college isn’t everything but still there’s some people, some companies that place emphasis on this whether it’s, going in for a quick brush-up degree, or a sales course, or certification, or a MBA, everything adds up.

The next section, and this is my favorite section, is the volunteer section. Fill this out, people don’t want to just know about your corporate life, they also want to know about your personal life.

The next section is skills and endorsement. So with that section list out your skills. You can have up to 50 skills listed on your profile. I want you to feature your strengths, your most in demand skills, what people really look forward to you with, what you’re really known for and reiterate and showcase them based on your top 10 best skills, keep your endorsements fresh, reach out to friends, colleagues, ask them to endorse you.

And then that way more people are likely to give you better recommendations, which is the next section. So explain the nature of your professional relationship, explain how you contributed or helped grow their company or what you did for them. And what you’ll find is, they’ll also start giving you a recommendation as well.

The next section on LinkedIn is interest. So with the interest section, this pretty much consists of new sources, influencers, companies, schools groups. It’s a great way for you to connect more with like-minded individuals. So when you do this, what you’ll find is, it’ll open the door to better networking opportunities.

With LinkedIn, it’s not just about you, it’s about others. And that’s what makes people successful on LinkedIn.

Now next week I’m going to go and discuss that’s network growth and what you could do to get more followers on LinkedIn, boost your network which will eventually lead to more revenue as well.

Now with growing your network I’m going to give you a little quick glimpse. Best practices include finding people you know, sharing relevant content and joining groups and getting involved in the conversations.

As a first step, you can go and try to connect me or follow with me on LinkedIn. Don’t just be generic when you’re connecting with people try to give them a customized response so that way they’re much more likely to connect with you.

It’s not like you have to see these people every single day so don’t be shy.

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