Here are some creative Instagram story ideas using the new Instagram fonts. Instagram story hacks you didn’t know existed. How to use the new Instagram fonts to create fun Instagram stories. Let me know what you think so I can create an even more mindblowing part 2!

0:00 Intro
0:31 Shoutouts
1:24 What are all the font options on Instagram stories
1:45 How do you add a background to the text on Instagram
2:43 How to change the text and background colors separately on Instagram stories
3:33 How to do the rainbow text effect on Instagram stories
4:05 How to add a transparent overlay on your Instagram stories
4:45 How to create a solid background color on Instagram stories
4:54 How to add multiple photos onto your Instagram story in one slide
5:33 Add fun creative tape effect to your photos on Instagram story!
6:19 How to add moving collage letters on Instagram story
7:04 How to create the “Hanging letters” effect
8:29 How to create a dotted line on Instagram story
9:10 Final fun text hack 🙂

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