In todays video I’m showing you how to use Instagram reels with this FULL tutorial…I mean we’re talking about EVERYTHING. What to post on reels? How to add voiceover to Instagram Reel? Hashtag strategy, What are reels? I’m even showing you step by step how I create, edit and post Instagram Reels with a demo screen recording!

Videos referenced:
Instagram Strategy for 2020:

InShot App I used for voiceover:

0:00 Intro
00:58 What are Reels?
1:59 Why should you be posting reels?
3:13 What should you be posting on reels? (Instagram Reels vs TikTok)
4:50 Reels tutorial and overview (basic functionalities & how to upload your own video from your camera roll onto Reels)
7:30 How to add music to a reel?
9:19 How to save reels to camera roll?
9:30 Hashtag strategy for Instagram Reels
10:00 How to add/remove reel from feed?
10:52 How to add voiceover to Instagram Reels?
12:23 How to edit text duration on Reels?
13:28 Where to access your Reels drafts?

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