A lot of creators are basing everything on the averaged click through rate. This quick #short shares what you need to be looking at. Taking this approach helps you identify the following things:

If you’re trying to get more views from search but notice your CTR (click through rate) is very low in search compared to the impressions you’re getting, it’s a good idea to update the thumb, title or both.

If you’re trying to get more views from YouTube recommending your content, like home pages and suggested videos, and you find your click through rate is low on those surfaces compared to the impressions you’re getting then you might want to consider updating your thumb, title or both.

The reason it’s a good idea to look at both is because your thumb and title work together to help you win the click from a potential viewer.

When looking at the data YouTube gives you it’s also important to know that the topic of your video can also impact overall performance. For example, if you’re making content about an obscure game that only a handful of people know about, you’ll need to get creative in how you’re presenting that content from the outside (thumbnail and title) in order to give it a wider appeal.

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Video summary: Learn in 40 seconds how you should be looking at your click through rate on YouTube. This is truly, your click through rate explained in the shortest way I could think to do it.