Happy Addons for Elementor was one of the first third part Elementor addons to come to market. They have a REALLY solid list of features and widgets, both free and pro. Check out what they have in this in-depth video.


Check out Happy Addons for Elementor here: https://wplearninglab.com/go/happyaddons001

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:06 Install & Configure Happy Addons for Elementor

Happy Addons Features

00:03:23 Live copy feature
00:07:07 Cross Domain Copy/Paste
00:09:53 Unlimited Section Nesting
00:11:03 Image Masking
00:13:10 Display Conditions
00:16:04 Happy Particle Effect
00:16:22 Equal Height
00:16:45 Floating Effect
00:17:18 CSS Transform
00:17:50 On Demand Asset Loading
00:18:03 Widget Background Overlay
00:18:15 500+ Line Icons
00:18:35 Custom Column Order
00:18:53 Happy Clone
00:19:11 Fixed Button Size
00:20:00 Grid Layout
00:21:15 Wrapper Link
00:21:57 Happy Shape Divider
00:23:28 Happy Tooltip
00:24:29 Text Stroke
00:25:31 Presets
00:26:23 Template Import

Happy Addons Free Widgets

00:27:47 Info Box Widget
00:28:04 Icon Box Widget
00:28:20 Skill Bar Widget
00:28:35 Image Before/After Widget
00:29:35 Dual Button Widget
00:30:02 Testimonial Widget
00:30:15 Review Widget
00:30:32 Team Member Widget
00:31:04 Step Flow Widget
00:31:21 360 Rotation Widget
00:31:47 Calendly WIdget
00:31:55 News Ticker Widget
00:32:18 Data Table Widget
00:32:43 Horizontal Timeline Widget
00:33:24 Image Accordion Widget
00:34:05 Event Calendar Widget
00:34:32 Logo Grid Widget
00:34:44 Image Grid WIdget
00:35:05 Content Switcher Widget
00:35:49 Card WIdget
00:36:24 Gradient Heading Widget
00:36:55 Number Widget
00:37:28 Image Hover Effect Widget
00:38:36 Animated Link Widget
00:39:05 Fun Factor Widget
00:39:21 Image Stack Group Widget
00:39:52 Justified Grid Widget
00:40:16 Creative Button Widget
00:42:33 Slider Widget
00:43:07 Image Carousel Widget
00:44:11 Social Icon Widget
00:45:04 Social Share Widget
00:45:46 Twitter Feed Widget
00:46:20 Bar Chart Widget
00:46:52 Post List Widget
00:47:15 Post Tab Widget
00:47:43 Taxonomy Widget
00:48:26 Contact Form 7
00:48:44 Ninja Forms Widget
00:48:55 weForms Widget
00:49:03 Caldera Forms
00:49:34 WPForms Widget
00:49:49 Gravity Forms Widget
00:49:59 Fluent Forms Widget
00:50:26 MailChimp Widget

Happy Addons Pro Widgets

00:51:13 Advanced Tab Widget
00:52:36 Advanced Accordion Widget
00:53:34 Advanced Heading Widget
00:54:24 Business Hour Widget
00:54:42 Timeline Widget
00:55:48 Advanced Toggle Widget
00:56:42 List Group Widget
00:57:12 Countdown Widget
00:57:43 Source Code Widget
00:58:26 Breadcrumbs Widget
00:58:57 Sticky Video Widget
00:59:58 Advanced Data Table Widget
01:01:16 Modal Popup Widget
01:02:05 Happy Mega Menu Builder Widget
01:03:13 Feature List Widget
01:03:38 Unfold Widget
01:05:12 One Page Nav Widget
01:06:09 Off Canvas Widget
01:07:05 Hot Spot Widget
01:07:38 Flip Box Widget
01:08:45 Image Hover Box Widget
01:09:16 Scrolling Image Widget
01:09:50 Animated Text Widget
01:10:15 Single Image Scroll Widget
01:11:04 Advanced Slider Widget
01:11:54 Team Carousel Widget
01:12:57 Testimonial Carousel Widget
01:13:15 Logo Carousel Widget
01:13:39 Facebook Feed Widget
01:14:24 Twitter Feed Carousel Widget
01:15:00 Twitter Feed Carousel Widget
01:15:43 Pricing Table Widget
01:16:19 Price Menu Widget
01:16:40 Promo Box Widget
01:17:04 Line Chart Widget
01:17:24 Pie & Doughnut Chart Widget
01:17:33 Polar Area Chart Widget
01:17:42 Radar Chart Widget
01:18:05 Post Grid Widget
01:18:48 Post Tiles Widget
01:19:12 Smart Post List Widget
01:19:52 Post Carousel Widget
01:20:10 Author List Widget
01:20:38 Product Grid Widget
01:21:00 Product Carousel Widget
01:21:20 Product Category Grid Widget
01:21:44 Product Category Carousel Widget
01:22:00 Single Product Widget
01:22:18 Mini Cart Widget
01:23:00 WooCommerce Cart Widget
01:23:10 WooCommerce Checkout Widget

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