So… How do websites make money? If you want to make money with a simple website, by simply driving free traffic to it, then this video is for you. I’ll show you several websites that make anywhere from $500 to $100k a month.

I wanted to make this video to show you different websites at different levesl: some newbie websites, some intermediate websites, and one advanced website.

You’re going to learn how much money those website make, and exactly how they are monetised, how much they are making, and how you replicate and start a similar profitable blog or website for yourself as well.

I’ve gathered income reports from several websites and we’ll run through them together in this video.

Here is how you can get free traffic to your blog or website in 2020. Follow this step by step tutorial to increase organic traffic to your blog or website. This is how I got over 127,000 to our fitness blog.

If you have a blog or website, you know how important it is to drive traffic to it. Without traffic, you’re stuck. You need traffic so that you can make money from affiliate marketing, Adsense, Shopify Store, and to build your list.

So in this video, I’ve summarized exactly what I would do if I was starting a brand new niche website or blog today.

And using these exact steps, I’ve managed to get over 127,000 organic free visitors to our brand new website in a very tough niche (fitness / dieting).



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Here is the list of website ideas to make money from:

The first website that I shared is a relatively new website. It’s a very simple website that already makes good money, even though it’s a pretty new website and doesn’t have much content on it yet. They simply publish popular product reviews and link out to products on Amazon via affiliate links.

The second website we looked at was a travel website. It is run by a couple who travel the world. This couple also post income reports to show others how websites make money, so that others can replicate something similar as well.

The third website is a financial / frugal website. They make over $46,000 a month which is pretty insane, and they got there in 2 years.

And the last website is a website that makes over $104,000 a month which is just crazy and shows that you really can make money off websites, if you put your mind to it and follow the process.

Hope you enjoy the video!

Greg Kononenko (The Caffeinated Blogger)

Disclaimer: Some links in my videos are affiliate links and I may earn a commission if you buy something via that link. This helps me maintain this channel and buy coffee 🙂 The price to you is the same as if you buy direct.