Seth Godin once said, “all Marketers are liars” and when you really think about it, marketers are also manipulators, too. I’ve always had this dilemma in my head because on one hand I don’t want to manipulate people, but if I have a product or content that I know will help people, then shouldn’t I do what I can to get people in front of it?

Manipulation is BAD…right? But can manipulation actually be used for good? Can you be authentic, and also use strategies and tactics that force a decision and get people to buy things?

We as humans do not like to feel like we are NOT in control, but every day we’re met with things that we didn’t even know were a part of some sort of manipulation strategy: a sale at a store, a title and thumbnail on YouTube that YouTube pushed into your homepage – all things created to try to get us to do something, even if we don’t know exactly what’s happening.

So in this video, at the end of a sale that expired at midnight, I share some thoughts to begin this discussion for you, to encourage you to do good with the power that is marketing, because it can definitely be used for bad, too.

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