From $136 To $16,000: Sam Shares How To Become A Copywriter (With NO Experience)
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Can I really make money online from copywriting? How long does it take? When can I quit my 9-5? How do I get clients? How do I manage clients? How many clients do I need? What EXACTLY does it take for a beginner copywriter to really succeed in this field??

Today you’ll be hearing Sam’s amazing journey into the world of freelance copywriting.He is spilling ALL of the beans on what the past year has been like for him – from before he joined the Copy Posse to what his life looks like TODAY…

You’ll hear how he was able to quit his miserable job in 2020…

Go from living in a shared dorm-style apartment with 5 complete strangers to getting his own flat in London…

Having the freedom to jet off to the Canary Islands on a whim when the UK went into lockdown…

And how he did it all in just 8 months, thanks to his freelance copywriting business.


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