If you want to actually grow your YouTube channel in 2021. Then it’s critical to focus on the most important things. This is video #15 in a series covering just that, the most important things. They’re actually ‘video elements’ and they’re found EVERY SINGLE VIDEO PUBLISHED TO YOUTUBE, including your videos.

Here’s the important part. These 15 video elements either increase or decrease the value of videos as measured by the viewers. If you’re not getting views, then focus and improve these things.

Watch the series:

Painting done by Ori Bengal: https://www.theartofori.com


This strategy is based on a simple workflow that forces people to improve. It will work for you too.

– Publish a video.

– Afterwards, watch the video and decide which one of the 15 video elements needs work.

– On your next video, strive to improve that very thing.

– Repeat

Seriously, that’s it. This is highly effective, because you DON’T MOVE FORWARD until you have addressed the weakest link in your videos and channel.

– 15 Most Important Things

Fifteen: Focused and consistent effort while striving to improve.

Fourteen: Original, unique and or different.

Thirteen: Your Target Audience

This is a large group of viewers, that are all interested on one commonality and haven’t subscribed to your channel.

Twelve: Backdrop

This is what’s behind you in the frame. Make it look interesting and visually pleasing.

Eleven: Reducing the Competition w. Keyword Phrases

Do this by selecting a keyword phrase that is less competitive. Use tools like Morningfame and or TubeBuddy to identify such keywords.

Ten: View Duration

The length of your video not matter. How long viewers watch is. Thus, strive to create videos that keep viewers watching longer.

Nine: Video Quality / Camera & Lighting

It’s not your camera, it’s how you use it. Make sure to add enough light. Filming indoors, buy lights before a new camera.

Eight: Hook

Did you know that most viewers click off a video within 15 seconds? For this reason, the first few seconds of your video must be interesting and compelling. Get to the point and engage viewers.

Seven: Thumbnail

97% of the thumbnails uploaded to YouTube suck, including mine. I’m working to improve my thumbnails. I suggest you do the same.

Six: The Video Edit

A great video is born in the edit. A great edit will make an ok video good and a good video epic.

Five: Audio

Good audio is not about buying the right mic. It’s understanding how to use it. Test, tweak and try again.

Four: Topic

Far more powerful than that new fancy camera you want (I want it too). A great topic can result in crazy views. Even if everything else sucks.

Three: Title

Earlier I mentioned ‘reducing’ the competition and keywords. Optimize your title by beginning your video title with the ONE keyword phrase you’re targeting. End your title with a compelling element.

This combines SEO with ethical clickbait and can drive tremendous results.

Two: You & Your Delivery

Improve this. Speak in an engaging fashion, no ummm or ahhhs ….
This is what separates those that have, from those that have not.

One: Your Next Video

Make this looping method a ritual, a habit and success will be found in your next video.

Bonus: Your Mindset.

Focus on the skills, vs the results. Be willing and prepared to work.
Do what will grow your channel, vs what you want to do. Be realistic and you will win.

Do these things and you will crush YouTube.


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