Social media burnout is real, especially as an entrepreneur. This is how to avoid burnout on Instagram. I’ll be answering questions like “can I take a break from Instagram?” “How to prevent burnout on Instagram” “How to come back to Instagram after a break” and MORE

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0:00-0:35 Intro
0:35-0:53 Shoutouts
0:53-1:17 Is Instagram burnout avoidable?
1:24-3:23 Be realistic
3:23-4:04 Is It okay to take breaks on Instagram?
4:04-4:27 Set boundaries
4:27-5:21 How batching content can help you get ahead on Instagram
5:21-6:20 Thank you Storyblocks for Sponsoring today’s video
6:20-7:41 What do I do when I feel burnt out?
7:41-8:20 How to come back to social media after a long break?
8:20-9:18 How do you do all the things without getting burnt out?
9:18-10:30 How to treat Instagram as a business tool and not personal?
10:30-11:30 How to prevent burnout from affecting other areas of your business

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