So you have a large number of posts in the old classic editor format that you want to convert to the block editor? If you had many different posts from before WordPress’ 5.0 update they are likely using a single classic block to hold your content while you have the option of many different blocks to use. In this video, we will show you how to convert your classic Blocks so you can use the full power of the Block editor.

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To manually convert your content, you would want to visit the post/page and if your post/page’s content is in a single classic block, you would want to click the three vertical dots above the classic block and click the Convert to Block button. This will attempt to convert your content into multiple different blocks for you.

If you have many blocks and don’t want to manually edit each one, we would recommend installing an activating the Bulk Block Converter plugin found below:

Before you use this plugin we would recommend creating a backup of your site using one of the tools from our guide below:

With your backup created, you would want to go under Tools, Block Conversion, and click the Scan Content button to start scanning your site. If the post is a mix of classic blocks and other blocks the plugin won’t recognize it as a post that needs to be updated.

Once all of the posts have been scanned, the plugin will create a list that you can select specific posts out of or use the Bulk Convert All button to convert your content into different individual blocks in the editor.

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