Are you wanting to customize the excerpts on your WordPress site? An excerpt is a short snippet a post displays on the posts/blog page or other similar pages on your website. In this video, we will show you how to customize your WordPress excerpt with no coding required.

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The first method shown is what is currently the default option in WordPress. We would want to create or edit a post and in the post/document tab, we would want to scroll down to the Excerpt section and click the arrow next to it. This will give you an area to fill out what you want your excerpt to be.

For a second option, if you want what you’ve already written to be the excerpt for your post then we will go to the post we want it added to. Below the text that we want to be the excerpt, we want to add the more block. This should add the text above the more block as your content.

For the third option we will be using the plugin below:

Once you install and activate the plugin, you can go under Settings, Excerpt to customize the defaults for how you want the excerpt to appear. If you already have custom excerpts on a few posts then you can uncheck the custom excerpts box in the plugin’s setting to keep those excerpts.

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