Here is a step by step walk-through for how I edit my Instagram videos using only my iPhone. This goes into detail on how I edit for free with the Inshot video editor and how I make my Instagram Reels – Inshot tutorial!

Instagram Reels Tutorial:

More Apps for editing Videos on your iPhone:



0:00 Intro
0:34 Shoutouts!
1:40 Inshot Introduction
2:30 How to crop your videos for Instagram
3:16 How to add copyright free music to your video
3:35 How to add sound effects to your video
3:50 How to record a voiceover
4:30 How to add text overlay on your video (font, color, duration)
6:24 How to add effects and filters to your video
6:57 Cropping and trimming your video
7:52 How to change the speed of your video
8:13 How to rotate videos on your phone
8:40 What resolution you should export your Instagram videos
9:17 Adding transitions
9:37 Full process of how I edit video 1
11:37 Full process of how I edit video 2
13:00 Outro