Are you wanting to embed a PDF file on your WordPress site? Offering your users an upgrade PDF on a membership page or a PDF version of your articles can be a great addition to your content for your users to help your site. In this video, we’ll cover two different ways to embed a PDF on your WordPress site.

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For the first method, we will be adding a link to download the file. You would want to start by uploading the PDF to either your WordPress media library or a file upload site, in this tutorial we will be uploading to WordPress directly.

For WordPress, we will click edit after uploading the file and copy the file URL. Next, we will go to the post or page we would like the file to be included on and paste the URL in the editor or, how we handle it in the guide, add a link to some of our text that when clicked will go to the download page. Now when the user goes to that link it will pull up the PDF with the option to download at the top of the page.

For the second method, we will be using a plugin called PDF Embedder found below:

With the plugin installed and activated, you can go under Settings, PDF Embedder to set up andy specific customizations you would like for the embed on your site.

When you visit the post or page you would like to have your embed on you will now have the option to use a PDF Embedder block, select a file in your media library or upload a new file to embed. Now when you go to a post or page with your embed there will be an on page embed with the PDF content on your site.

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