How reached YouTube Monetization Requirements in under 6 months on You will learn how do you get monetized on YouTube with a new channel fast and how you can reach the 4000 hours watch time faster. Today I will talk about all the things you need to do to get ads on your Youtube videos. How to get 4000 hours of watch time faster!


How I’ve got accepted to the Youtube partner program in less than 6 months. Get Youtube monetization explained to you up to detail and get ads on your videos.
Learn how to make money on Youtube and how many views to make money on youtube you need to get your first check from Google Adsense.

What does it mean when your Youtube monetization still under review and how to finally get monetized on youtube – exactly what does it take to get monetized on Youtube with a new channel.

I started this channel in February 2019, by that time my blog was already 2 years old. You can go and check and you’ll see there a link to my blog where mostly share Pinterest marketing tips.

My goal with Youtube was just wanted to create some complimentary videos for my existing blog posts about Pinterest marketing. Because videos can keep people on my pages longer and this is good for Google SEO.

And also, I realized that a lot of people prefer to learn from videos. So, making money with Youtube ads was not my goal. But when I saw that I can add another income stream to my online business, I thought heck why not?

If you’ve been following my channel for a while now, you noticed that a couple of months ago some ad blocks started showing up on my videos.

So how long does it take to get monetized on Youtube? And how long did it take me?

I’ve got monetized on Youtube in about 6 months after having published 20 videos only. I’ll tell you in this video what exactly it took me and what were the requirements to get monetized on Youtube.

In case you haven’t checked it yet:

You need to hit 1000 subscribers on your channel AND also you need to hit the 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months.

Once you hit these two numbers, Youtube will review your account and decide whether or not it is eligible for ads.

So that means, even you started a Youtube channel years ago, published a couple of videos and have been accumulating the watch time ever since then, all those hours will not be taken into consideration except the watch time you have generated in the last year.

Did you notice in the requirements for getting monetized on Youtube, it wasn’t just the two numbers, but also a Google Adsense account?

Yeah, how you can reach those 4000 hours of watch time. Well, make your videos longer!

If your videos are on average 3-4 minutes long, it will take you at least twice longer to finally get monetized than when your videos are mostly over 10 minutes long.

When I started my channel, I knew that I have to make my videos at least 10 minutes long.

Just a couple of reasons for you to know that the effort is worth it:
1. First, you will be able to monetize your channel much faster because your watch hours will accumulate faster.
2. And second, when you finitely get monetized, you will say thanks to yourself for making those videos longer every time you open your Revenue analytics. Because when your video is shorter than 10 minutes, you can’t have ads included in the middle of your video. If your videos are shorter than 10 minutes, you will only be allowed to have ads before the video.
3. And last but not least, it’s because of Youtube algorithm. Youtube platform wants to make more money as much as we all do. And they prefer longer videos because it allows Youtube to serve more ads in your videos. Now, if you are confused by this thinking why is Youtube making money with ads on YOUR videos? It’s because for every ad that is serviced on your videos, Youtube is getting their cut from advertisers. So the platform is interested in getting more watch time. And videos shorter than 10 minutes, have lower chances to compete on Youtube.

I can show you also show you now that we are here a few settings you might want to check before or as soon as your Youtube account becomes eligible for monetization.

So you need to click on your channel Settings in Youtube Studio Beta. Then you click on Upload defaults and find the Monetization tab here. Now set up the types of ads you want to be shown you your channel. I personally use these four types:
Display Ads
Overlay ads
Skippable video ads and
Before Video

The ads During the video, I haven’t been using up until now but I’ll honestly give it a thought for my future videos.