How to Get More Clicks on Pinterest – How to Get More Pinterest Traffic.


If you are watching this video, you are one step closer to success on Pinterest than many others. Because you are asking the right question. How to Get More Clicks on Pinterest. Not how do I get more followers on Pinterest or how do I get more impressions on my pins?

1. Don’t create ugly pins!
2. Pins have to be vertical or else you’ll have miserable results on this platform (mobile devices). 2:3 to 1:2 – this fits naturally into Pinterest platform and gets more space in the feeds, thus brings you more traffic.
3. Don’t upload images smaller than 600 px in width or else they will look pixelated or blurry and Pinterest will not rank them well, people will not engage with them.
4. Text overlay is a MUST!
5. Text Overlay with a HOOK
6. If you are an e-Commerce site, use pins with multiple products on the photo.
This helps you drive more clicks because these images can speak to different tastes. So you could show products of several colors in one photo or show how several items work well together.
7. Tease Your Audience!
8. Use Call to Action in the Text overlay!
You can use stronger call to action, like Getting a free Printable Checklist and softer visual call to actions like this clicking icon on the pin.

Something I see a lot of people get very confused about is how many clicks they should expert from Pinterest. Imagine, you published a pin, and in a couple of days it shows 54 impressions and 0 Saves, 0 Clicks. Is this a bad pin? What’s going on, why people don’t engage with it? 54 users saw your pin and not even once decided to click on it?

Let me tell you why you are wrong thinking your pin is bad or even worse – why it is wrong thinking that Pinterest doesn’t work for your site, for your niche, based on a few pins like that.
The first mistake is to assume that 54 impressions equal to 54 people that actually looked at your pin.

Let’s have a look at the definition of impressions on Pinterest:
• Impressions: The total number of times your Pins were shown.
So, the word is how many times the pins were shown, not seen by Pinterest users. Think about your own experience on Pinterest, when you search for something, do you actually LOOK at every single pin that is shown in the feed? You will probably scroll down a few times and open 2-3 pins out of 30 pins that were shown to you during the session.
So the
• Closeups: The total number of times people viewed a close-up version of your Pin.
I will show you some of my pins – this is the view you can only get from your own pins. So you will notice that on average for each 1000 of impressions I am getting 10 clicks. But again, this is something very-very approximate because every pin has its own history and the data we are seeing here in the analytics is just the stats for the last 30 days.

These numbers are just for your reference and you might have some pins that generate more repins and fewer clicks for each 1000 impressions. If you see something like this, you should really pay attention to the tips I showed you in this video and do your best to increase the click-throughs from your pins because your ultimate goal on Pinterest does not repin and engagements on the platform, you are looking for traffic to your website.