One of the most popular features on Instagram is stories. Wouldn’t it be great, if you can get hundreds if not thousands of people to mention you within their story? Today I’m going to break down how you can get mentioned more in other people’s Instagram stories.

Mobile Monkey:

As you can see on my screen I’m on a site called Mobile Monkey. I’m going to quickly sign in. This is an app that I use to get more Instagram story mentions. And I’m going to show you the results that I’m getting, and the responses.

You hear people talking all the time like, you need to create great content such as creating quotes and tweets and videos and great images. But that’s a given. You need to create good content, and even if you create good content, there’s no guarantee of success.

But naturally, as you do create good content, every once in a while, you are going to get people mentioning within their stories. What I found is the people who mentioned you in one story are much more likely to mention you in future stories.

So if you can see here, someone mentioned me, “Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for mentioning me in your story. I really appreciate it. Hope all is well.” And she was ecstatic that she, I ended up responding with that and then she ended up responding. Some people respond, not everyone does but a lot of people do respond and it’s actually worked out quite well for me.

So in essence, what I’m doing is I’m responding to people. But if I responded to them manually, that’s a lot of work. So what I do here, I’m going to click on the sidebar in Mobile Monkey. So I click on chat bot and I go to Instagram story mention.

So you need to connect your Instagram account. If you don’t have it there, you want to click it. And I just go to Instagram story mention and then there’s a default template. I created my own.

So I use text-based replies. You can add a widget. Like I can add a text-based response, quick question, an image, notification, a gif. And I respond with the same thing every time. Hey, I just want to say thanks for mentioning me in your story. I really appreciate it. Hope all is well with you. And then a user can reply to texts. I could add another widget here. Let’s say if I want to show an image and I can show an image after if they respond with something.

In other words what I’m doing is I’m creating canned responses and this creates more people when they mentioned me in a story to feel like I’m giving them a personal response. And yes, it is a canned response, but I do follow up if they respond with a personalized response. And by doing this, it’s building more of a loyal following.

Then as they create more content, publish more stories, more people are going to mention me. And typically if you just push out good content, people will mention in their stories.

But to really get that loyal following, where they’re more likely to mention you, like your posts, comment on it, you need to engage with them. That’s the whole concept of social media. Responding to everyone takes a lot of time tracking and logging into Instagram to see who mentions you within the story every hour is really inefficient.

So I just do this. I just create a canned response. It’s been working super well for me. I’ve been engaging with people. As you can see, not everyone responds but roughly half the people do and it creates that loyalty.

And again, if they ask me for anything, I’ll be there to respond and help them out. And that you want to manually do. You don’t want to continually use canned responses, but if you just do this, it’s a simple hack, right? You just go to the chat bot section once you’re logged to Mobile Monkey. Click on Instagram story mentions and then create your first one and you can just copy what I did, right?

It’s just a widget that you create and they give you a generic template. It’s a text-based widget that I use. And you can just copy my response. Hey, I just want to say thanks for mentioning me in your story. I really appreciate it. Hope all is well with you. I tested a few others, this one tends to work the best in getting the most responses and the most people hoarding your message in which they’re saying like, I like it.

Try it out in the long run. This will help you get more story mentions and build a much more loyal following on Instagram.

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