In this video I’m going to show you how to get more YouTube subscribers in 2020 (FAST).

In fact, I used the 9 strategies in this video to grow my channel to over 250k subscribers.

With that, here’s what you’ll learn in today’s video:

First, I’ll show you the “cheat code” that helped me generate 69.2% more subscribers from my watermark.

Our second technique is the “TOP Formula”. Your YouTube channel trailer can be a huge driver of new subscribers… if it’s done the right way. The TOP Formula helps ensure that your trailer actually converts.

Next, we have the “No Comment Left Behind” strategy. This strategy turns people that are on the fence about subscribing into loyal subs.

The 4th tip from today’s video is: “The Winner Takes All” technique. Here’s where you identify your best performing videos (in terms of getting subscribers). Then, you feature those videos strategically on your channel… and in your videos.

The 5th strategy is to position your channel in a way that helps your channel stand out and grab attention (this is especially important if you’re in a competitive niche). Fortunately, this is much easier than it sounds.

Then, I show you how to get more subscribers on YouTube with “Next Videos”. As a bonus, these also increase your total session time and video views, which helps with video SEO.

Oh man, #7 is a controversial one. I won’t spoil it here. But let me just say that most videos that show you how to get more subscribers on YouTube don’t cover this.

Then, it’s time for strategy #8: improve audience retention. Audience retention is a big deal for SEO. And it also impacts the number of subscribers that you get.

Finally, we have optimizing your actual channel page… which is an underrated part of getting YouTube subscribers and views.

And I cap things off with a bonus tip that’s working really well for me right now.

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