How to Get Paid on Pinterest – $4675 of Ad Income with Pinterest Traffic on My Blogs Last Month. Today I want to show you all the ways you can make money using your Pinterest account, and as a cherry on the cake, I’ll show you how I made $4675 with Pinterest traffic last month.




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About Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest

From this video, you will learn how you can make money on Pinterest in 3 different ways.
1. Learn how to make money on Pinterest without having your own website – managing Pinterest accounts for other people.
2. Make money with Pinterest using direct affiliate links.
3. Pinterest for bloggers and how to get traffic from Pinterest to your website to earn money with ads.

The biggest benefit of this method is that you are getting paid right away, you don’t need to wait months for YOUR account to start seeing results. What you can do is manage Pinterest accounts for other people – for busy online entrepreneurs, for bloggers, for coaches and course creators, for eCommerce stores.

Believe it or not, in my private Facebook group for students of my Pinterest course, every once in a while, we are having a NEW thread – either someone wants to find a Pinterest virtual assistant for himself, or someone who went through my course, starts offering these services.

That is because there is a lot of demand. For so many businesses, Pinterest already is a good traffic source but they just can’t spend time creating pins. Or maybe they even tried but not everyone has the same level of creativity and the same sense of what is visually appealing and what is not.

So it’s quite often that people will want to outsource Pinterest entirely or at least the pin design part, and if you know how to create pins that are not only beautiful but also click-worthy, you always will find people who need your help!

How MUCH you can get paid for this work depends of course of your experience and your knowledge of Pinterest SEO (search engine optimization) basics, on your on skills – you obviously need to at least learn how to use a free graphic design tool like Canva. If you lack these skills but you are willing to try, I have a Canva tutorial on my channel – you’ll find a link if you click on the Info icon in the top right corner, and in the description below this video.

The amount of money you can make as a Pinterest account manager also depends on how you are able to sell or present your services. I know a lot of beginner bloggers who take clients as Pinterest VAs as an additional income source while their own blogs are not yet making enough money. You can find people who are looking for a Pinterest VA in large Facebook groups for bloggers.

I did a quick search just in one of the blogging Facebook groups and look how many threads I found started by people who are looking for someone to manage their Pinterest account so they can focus on content creation or other sides of their online business.

As a Pinterest Virtual Assistant you can charge from about $300 per month to even $2000 per month per Pinterest account. It will all depend on how much work you will include in the package, and of course it depends on how established you are as an expert in Pinterest marketing.

Like in everything else, to price your services, you’ll need to do some market research and see the demand. But I hope I already gave you a few ideas of where you could start your market research. And I can promise that for Pinterest management there is, and always will be a lot of demand, especially because not everyone is able to or even likes to work with images as a type of content.

This was the first way of making money on Pinterest and you will get your first payment as soon as you get your first client.
Now, what are the other ways you could earn on Pinterest?

The other way that’s often recommended on other channels here on Youtube, is using direct affiliate links on Pinterest.
You probably know why Pinterest is such a traffic powerhouse – it’s because you can link to your website from each pin you are saving on the platform.

And it’s hard to believe that on Pinterest, you can also make direct links to affiliate offers you are promoting, so that every click you get from a pin, will save your affiliate account’s cookies on the user’s browser and you can make money with affiliate offers even without having your OWN website.