Do you want to increase your sales on Etsy and get more sales in your Etsy shop? It can seem overwhelming as a new seller on Etsy so in this video I want to share tips on growing on Etsy shop when you are a new seller.

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Starting an Etsy shop in 2020 can feel like you are too late. You’ve missed your chance! there are Etsy shops with tens of thousands of sales! But there is still room to grow an Etsy shop in 2020 and create a great part time or full time income from your shop. Today I’m sharing 5 Etsy shop tips for growing your shop, how to get sales and how to make money from your Etsy shop.

If you want to grow on Etsy I recommend my friend Sharon’s Etsy Entrepreneur course ➝

Growing An Etsy Shop For Beginners 2020 | 5 Etsy Shop Tips For How To Get Sales

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Do you need to take a break on Etsy? There are several ways to do this including Vacation Mode. In this video I show you how to put your shop in Vacation Mode.

Vacation Mode lets you temporarily put your shop “on hold.” Your listings won’t appear in search results and can’t be purchased. Listings with Auto-renew enabled will continue to renew while your shop is on vacation.


???? Creating Digital Downloads ????

▪️ Adobe InDesign ➝
▪️ Canva ➝
▪️ PicMonkey ➝

???? Selling Digital Downloads ????

▪️ Etsy (best marketplace) ➝
▪️ Shopify (best option for sales) ➝
▪️ SendOwl (great for one off items) ➝
▪️ Podia (good for products & courses) ➝
▪️ WooCommerce (best with WordPress) ➝

???? Online Business Tools ????

▪️ Keyword research tool for YouTube (TubeBuddy) ➝
▪️ Affiliate marketing network (ShareASale) ➝
▪️ Social media tool for promoting content (Tailwind) ➝
▪️ Website hosting $3.95/mo (BlueHost) ➝

???? More Resources ????

▪️ My favorite resources ➝
▪️ My friend Sharon’s Etsy Entrepreneur course ➝


I started selling digital downloads to go along with my YouTube channel in 2019 and fell in love with digital products. It’s been my favorite creative hobby and one of my best, most consistent income streams that earns me money every month even if I don’t work on it. On this channel I love sharing creative projects and all the info I’ve learned about how to create and sell digital downloads for passive income.


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